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1. Find club members.

This is the easy part. Next time you're in the sky on your carpet, look for friendly riders flying past you. Wave, and give them the secret Mossby's “M” hand signal (as shown in the Mossby's Handbook). They're sure to stop and chat. Unless, of course, they're flying by too fast. Or it's cloudy, or dark, or raining hard. Or you live in a remote place. Okay, so this part isn't always so easy, especially since being a Mossby's magic carpet customer is TOP SECRET. But how about keeping an eye out for other people carrying a Mossby's Magic Carpet Handbook?

2. Choose a club name.

Naturally, many riders like to work the name “Mossby's” into their club name: The “Mossby's Marauders,” for example. Frankly, Mossby's does not approve of this choice. Our carpet customers should be upright citizens who do not spend their time on unsavory things like marauding, whatever that actually is. But no one seems to like Mossby's favored suggestion: Young Gentlemen and Ladies Social and Carpet Club.

3. Choose a time and place to meet.

Skilled carpet riders may simply hover their carpets at a chosen place in the sky, such as, “Above Niagara Falls, 5 a.m.” (You may have to choose some odd meeting times and places to avoid being seen.) Or, you could just meet at your favorite local bookstore or library.

4. Choose a club theme.

Riding carpets together might be enough to keep your club members happy. Nevertheless, many Mossby's clubs like to choose a goal or activity. Planning trips together is a favorite one. Or, your club might cook together, using recipes from faraway places that you've visited—or would like to visit—on your magic carpet. Some clubs do volunteer work, for example, watching for forest fires or boats in distress, or finding and learning to care for lost or injured animals. (A flying carpet comes in very handy for such things.)  Yet another idea is to have one member give a talk at each meeting, about useful things like survival—how to make an A-frame tent using branches and your carpet if you get lost, for instance. (What to do if you wake up to find a goat eating the carpet portion of your tent is also an important topic.)

5. Elect club officers.

You'll want a President to lead meetings and coordinate your activities; a Treasurer to handle any money matters; a Secretary to take notes and keep records of club activities and decisions; and perhaps a Vice President, as backup for when the President is off on a long carpet ride. Decide ahead of time how long each person will serve and what the person will be responsible for. Creating separate committees, for example to plan an outing together, can also be wise.

6. Have fun!

We at Mossby's are usually working too hard what remember what fun is. (We do, however, always enjoy roasting marshmallows over the flames where we brew our magic elixirs.) But we feel certain that you will figure it out without Mossby's assistance.